About Tradansa

Tradansa offers school aged children and teens, their teachers and parents throughout the world the opportunity to learn inspiring dances from a variety of cultures and traditions.

These workshops are successful because they offer students, young and old, a stimulating and enjoyable instructional format.  At the same time, these inspiring programs fulfill school curriculum requirements for physical activity, language development and multicultural education.

Tradansa participants tell us “All the dances are fun and interactive. The instructors explain the steps clearly and with gestures. Tradansa makes it easy for the kids to learn the steps in just a few days. Wow! Well done!”

Parents also tell us that they notice after the workshops a boost in their children’s self-esteem along with a new awareness and respect for cultural diversity. The workshops put a happy jump in their step!

At the Tradansa workshops, everyone has great time learning while curriculum requirements are met!

With a minimum of three dance workshops, the children are focused, everyone enjoys themselves and performs a showcase for their parents and the school community.  Even with the minimal amount of practice, the students get it with flying colors every time!

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“I thought I wouldn’t like the dancing, but then I tried it and it was fun!”

– Ryan, age 10

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