Dance Programs

Option A:  French Canadian Dance Program

Discover French Canadian dance and our culture’s artistic traditions!  This workshop inspires the participants to develop an appreciation and skill for both the dance and for the francophone language in its rich cultural context.


Option B:  International Dance Program

Students and teachers will appreciate the richness of cultures by learning dances from different countries!  Travel around the world (without packing a suitcase) and appreciate the differences and similarities between dances and artistic practices of various cultures!    Participants will explore fascinating facts associated with the dances, music and cultural background.  This workshop is ideal for multicultural settings to celebrate cultural diversity!



Option C:  Holidays Around the World

Students and teachers will have the opportunity to learn and explore different Holiday traditions celebrated in different countries.

A great way to celebrate cultural diversity with your school community during the workshops and during the final dance performance.

Make things easy for the teaching staff during Holidays and let the team at Tradansa organize your show. This program is only available in November and December. Space is limited.




All workshops are available to schools with
French Immersion, Core French, English and Francophone Programs.

“Fantastic. Incredible. We succeeded learning four dances in four days and performing one on the fifth day. We see that the children are having fun and are proud of themselves. Also, there is a link with the dance and cultural aspects of the curriculum. Super!”

– Hélène Martin, Grade 2/3 Teacher EFI, Le Phare ES (Gloucester, ON)  

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