Expected Results

  • Students learn three to five dances in three workshop sessions, 40-50 minutes duration!
  • An engaging final performance can be organized for the school community after the three workshop sessions!
  • Engaging stories are told to provide a context for the students. Teachers find this intriguing and are often able to relate these stories to other curriculum requirements.
  • Students become powerfully engaged in fun, physical activity and also learn about cooperation, respect and teamwork.
  • A greater understanding of how, when and why people from different cultures express themselves through movement and dance.
  • Students learn to appreciate and honor cultural differences and similarities.


“Our experience was purely magical! Students enjoyed every “step” of the learning experience and parents even participated in the grand finale.”

– Julie Morris, Principal Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (Ottawa, ON)

For more information or to book a dance program: CLICK HERE

“My class really loved the program! I heard many positive comments from their parents.”

– Junior Kindergarden Teacher (Ottawa, ON)