Jun 29

Thank You!












We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the staff in all the schools where we offered a dance program this past year.

It is always a pleasure for us to work with you and see the smiles on your students’ faces. It always touches us to witness the curiosity your students have about dance as a form of expression and seeing them perform with such pride and enjoyment! And thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for dance, culture and education with you and your students.

We are very grateful for your efforts to make us feel welcomed within your school community. As you can see in the picture above, your signs and tokens of appreciation follow us daily!

We truly experienced enjoyable moments, this year, with staff and students. We hope to see you again next year!

From the entire Tradansa team, thank you!

Anita, Juliette, Éliane and Ève

Jun 14

Dance mystery solved by an 8-year old!









Why do I love to dance? This is a deep question that could take hours of contemplation, introspection and analysis. However, this 8-year old took it upon himself to solve the mystery!

This is what happened…

I was teaching at a local school and was indicating to a group of approximately forty grade two students where I wanted them to sit in the gymnasium. We were starting to prepare for the final dance performance that would be presented to the entire school community (students, teachers, parents, etc.) on the following day.

As we were waiting for all the students of the group to arrive, I knelt down and sat on my knees. I regularly take this seated position to indicate to students that I would like them to sit down in front of me. Little did I know that sitting this way was going to provide the answer to a mystery that an 8-year old had in his mind.

Behind me, I heard someone say…

“Madame Anita, I know why you like to dance so much…” said the 8-year old boy.

I replied to his comment with a curiosity filled question: “Oh yes? Why do I love to dance so much?”

Obviously, very proud of his observation and detective skills, the boy said:
“Because you have hearts on the soles of your shoes!”


Jun 14

Anita Rudichuk featured on “Where Are They Now?”

Anita Rudichuk was featured on the Canadian Parents for French – CPF’s online website “Where Are They Now”?

This project, supported by the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Canadian Parents for French BC & Yukon in collaboration with CPF Alberta, Radio-Canada, and Canadian Heritage, is intended to discover how and what graduates from French programs of BC, Yukon, and Alberta, are doing today.

Anita Rudichuk was selected as one of the 25 profiles featured. Discover how bilingualism has enriched Anita’s professional work offering dance programs in various schools across Canada.

To visit her profile on CPF’s website: CLICK HERE

Où sont-ils? CPF

May 10

Dancing with Music Teachers

Our dance specialist Anita Rudichuk offered workshops to teachers at the Orff Bridges 2016 Conference. These music teachers coming from across Canada where there to expand their knowledge in the field of dance education. They learned specific teaching strategies and a French Canadian dance repertoire.

Radio-Canada ICI Saskatchewan was there:

Apr 27

Celebrate Dance!

It’s National Dance Week (April 22-29) and International Dance Day (April 29)!

How are you going to celebrate dance?

Our famous dancer Monsieur Bono and dance specialist Anita Rudichuk were on Radio-Canada ICI Alberta to talk about the importance of dance in the lives of youth.

Radio-Canada ICI Alberta