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Offering a positive and enriching dance experience to your students…

We are aware that teaching dance can be a very enriching experience but as well, a complex task. The majority of teachers feel more or less confident in this area due to a lack of knowledge and specific skills associated with dance and the teaching of it. Not to mention, there is definitely a small number of good resources available.

Tradansa offers a training workshop developed specifically to fulfill the needs expressed by teachers in the school system. You will learn:

  • simple and practical knowledge to successfully teach dance to various age groups and developmental levels;
  • a teaching methodology that fosters the quick and effective understanding, execution and performance of dances;
  • tips to facilitate your students’ learning and ability to execute various steps and movements;
  • a repertoire of dances you and your students will have fun doing;
  • and much more!


Tradansa is renowned for the use of a teaching methodology favoring rapid results as well as generating an interest for dance to students of all ages.

The teaching strategies offered in this workshop are the same ones used by Tradansa‘s Dance Specialists. With only 120 minutes of teaching time, they succeed in teaching a total of three or four dances to groups of 30 to 40 students (regardless of their grade level) as well as prepare two of these dances for a performance at the end of the series of workshops!


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“This is our third time having this dance program at our school. Both instructors we’ve had have been amazing! The program is well planned and presented in a way that the kids are speaking and listening to French while having fun at the same time!"

- Connie Tilley

Grade 3 Teacher, Bayshore Public School (Nepean, ON)

“The instructors were always in control and very enthusiastic. I would recommend them to every school!”

- Michel Forget
Grade 4/5 Teacher EFI
Robert Hopkins Public School
Gloucester, ON

“Tradansa captures the interest of students of all ages while demonstrating rigour and creating much enthusiasm for students and teachers to join in actively and eagerly. A strong sense of professionalism and their knowledge of curriculum expectations ensure a successful pedagogical and cultural experience.”

- Jocelyne Beaulieu
Principal, SHAPE International School
Casteau, Belgium

“Thank you for showing us the dances. We really enjoyed learning with Tradansa and we wish we could have dance lessons all the time. We’re going to miss you. We hope you will come back again soon.”

-Grade 2 class
Russell Public School
Russell, ON

"The workshop gave me a good base and great ideas on how to teach dance in class. The training was simple, practical and efficient. Thank you very much!"

– Mylène Côté
Grade 5/6 Teacher, Toronto, ON

“Great workshop! I greatly appreciated the practical side of the workshop. Thank you!”

– Grade 1 Teacher, Toronto, Ontario

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