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About Tradansa

Join in the hundreds of schools and 61,650 students who participated in this educational, fun, culturally unique and active dance program!

Teaching Dance For A Decade

This is our 15th year providing these unique, educational and engaging dance programs to numerous schools across the country!

About Us

Tradansa offers school aged children and teens, their teachers and parents throughout the world the opportunity to learn inspiring dances from a variety of cultures and traditions. These workshops are successful because they offer students, young and old, a stimulating and enjoyable instructional format.  At the same time, these inspiring programs fulfill school curriculum requirements for physical activity, language development and multicultural education. Tradansa participants tell us “All the dances are fun and interactive. The instructors explain the steps clearly and with gestures. Tradansa makes it easy for the kids to learn the steps in just a few days. Wow! Well done!” Parents also tell us that they notice after the workshops a boost in their children’s self-esteem along with a new awareness and respect for cultural diversity. The workshops put a happy jump in their step! At the Tradansa workshops, everyone has great time learning while curriculum requirements are met! With a minimum of three dance workshops, the children are focused, everyone enjoys themselves and performs a showcase for their parents and the school community.  Even with the minimal amount of practice, the students get it with flying colors every time!

Founder’s Welcome Message


“This is our third time having this dance program at our school. Both instructors we’ve had have been amazing! The program is well planned and presented in a way that the kids are speaking and listening to French while having fun at the same time!"

- Connie Tilley

Grade 3 Teacher, Bayshore Public School (Nepean, ON)

“The instructors were always in control and very enthusiastic. I would recommend them to every school!”

- Michel Forget
Grade 4/5 Teacher EFI
Robert Hopkins Public School
Gloucester, ON

“Tradansa captures the interest of students of all ages while demonstrating rigour and creating much enthusiasm for students and teachers to join in actively and eagerly. A strong sense of professionalism and their knowledge of curriculum expectations ensure a successful pedagogical and cultural experience.”

- Jocelyne Beaulieu
Principal, SHAPE International School
Casteau, Belgium

“Thank you for showing us the dances. We really enjoyed learning with Tradansa and we wish we could have dance lessons all the time. We’re going to miss you. We hope you will come back again soon.”

-Grade 2 class
Russell Public School
Russell, ON

"The workshop gave me a good base and great ideas on how to teach dance in class. The training was simple, practical and efficient. Thank you very much!"

– Mylène Côté
Grade 5/6 Teacher, Toronto, ON

“Great workshop! I greatly appreciated the practical side of the workshop. Thank you!”

– Grade 1 Teacher, Toronto, Ontario

“We really appreciated your program! Step by step demonstration before the actual practice is excellent! Very good progression in the lesson. The level was adapted to the age of the students. The dance specialist was very interesting so there were no discipline problems. The dances and songs were varied. The vocabulary was adapted to French Immersion students. Thank you very much for this high quality workshop!”

– Bettina Desbordes, Senior Kindergarden Teacher EFI, Rockcliffe Park PS (Ottawa, ON)

“Our experience was purely magical! Students enjoyed every “step” of the learning experience and parents even participated in the grand finale.”

– Julie Morris, Principal Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (Ottawa, ON)

“Very well-organized and efficient with teaching time. Excellent class control and guidelines with classes.”

– C. Johnson-Grall, Grade 2 Teacher, First Avenue PS (Ottawa ON)

"I thought I wouldn't like the dancing, but then I tried it and it was fun!"

- Ryan, age 10

"Fantastic. Incredible. We succeeded learning four dances in four days and performing one on the fifth day. We see that the children are having fun and are proud of themselves. Also, there is a link with the dance and cultural aspects of the curriculum. Super!"

- Hélène Martin, Grade 2/3 Teacher EFI, Le Phare ES (Gloucester, ON)  

“Students and staff alike were charmed by the Tradansa dance workshops. They are consummate professionals, exceptionally well organized and knowledgeable with just the right approach with the kids. Even our most reticent students became eager participants!”

– Heather Earle, Grade 5 Teacher, Russell PS (Russell, ON)

"My class really loved the program! I heard many positive comments from their parents."

- Junior Kindergarden Teacher (Ottawa, ON)


Dance Workshops


Dance Programs Delivered

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Inclusion & Diversity Policy

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Benefits of dance for students

Develops physical literacy

Improves health and fitness levels

Builds confidence

Exercises cognitive processes

Favours positive social interactions and cooperation

Promotes an appreciation of cultural differences

Count on Tradansa specialists to teach the dance component of the curriculum.

Witness students succeeding and easily evaluate their learning.

Observe an effective dance teaching methodology and identify essential elements in order to reproduce this unique methodology.

Appreciate the student dance performance for the school community and the fact that it is organized by Tradansa.

Tradansa is recognized to effectively structure and organize its programs implemented with the collaboration of the schools.

Benefits for schools

Educational and engaging workshops that both students and teachers enjoy!

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This is our 15th year providing these unique, educational and engaging dance programs to numerous schools across the country!

Past and Current Clients

Just a few of the school boards with whom we’ve worked with:

Our Mission & Vision

Tradansa offers students and their teachers the opportunity to learn dances and gain a greater appreciation of various cultures and traditions. In addition, students achieve excellence in their new dance skills after only 3 workshops and share their learnings at the student-lead performance. Dance workshops are offered in French or English. Give an enriching dance experience to your students!

Join the hundreds of schools and 50,600 students who have participated in this educational, fun, culturally unique and active dance program!

Tradansa Dance Specialists

Anita Rudichuk
Anita Rudichuk

Founder & Lead Dance Specialist

Ève Tessier
Ève Tessier

Dance Specialist


Éliane Viens-Synnott
Éliane Viens-Synnott

Dance Specialist


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