The Tradansa Experience

The Tradansa Experience


Tradansa’a dance program: what is it all about?  Tradansa’s dance specialists travel to many, many schools over the course of a school year and in almost every school Tradansa visits, a similar version of the following experience always happens:

The students and the staff are excited to have Tradansa come out to their school. If this is the school’s first time inviting Tradansa, there is often a little apprehension being felt by all. The teaching staff is really hoping that the students will be engaged in the workshops and that the final performance will make their students shine in front of parents and the school community. The students are also feeling lots of emotions while anticipating the dance workshop: some students love dance and can’t wait for the activity to start while others are somewhat hesitant as dance sometimes involves partners, hand holding, etc. (elements that get them out of their comfort zones).

In spite of all the emotions felt, the dance program begins and the dance specialist knows she is facing a challenge. When she arrives at the school, she sets up in the gymnasium and does the last of her preparation work. The bell rings and after the school morning announcement and routine, the first group of students arrives for its first dance workshop; the excitement and hesitation are tangible as the students enter the gymnasium. The dance specialist carefully and masterfully delivers the first workshop in such a way that she lets the nervous energy to dissipate, creates a safe place for students to try the new activity, and establishes a good rapport with the students so that she can easily guide them through their three workshops. The dance specialist also focuses on creating an environment where students can enjoy themselves while learning the dances.

The dance specialist smiles when the students leave the gymnasium talking amongst each other saying “that was actually fun!” It is with comments like this one that the specialist knows she has reached the objectives she had established for the group, the most important being to have the students look forward to the next workshop and to the dance material that will be learned together.

The dance program continues with each group participating in its second and third workshops. In only three 40 to 50-minute workshops, each group usually learns 3 to 5 dances and two of these dances are presented at the performance at the end of the dance program.

Are you getting curious to see how the dance presentation finishes… watch the LIVE Facebook video that was taken at École Père Kenneth Kearns:

And once this dance is performed by the large group of students, teachers and parents, our dance program comes to an end. However, everyone leaves with fond memories of the time spent together with Tradansa, the new dance skills and more knowledge about the cultures explored through dance. It has been our experience, when Tradansa returns to a school the following year, the dance specialists are always amazed to see that students remember them and the dances that were shared together; almost every time, students remember the movements, sometimes the music but most certainly the fun they had dancing with Tradansa!

Would a similar version of this “Tradansa Experience” be of interest to your school?

OR something worth repeating if Tradansa has already come to your school?

2018-2019: Thank you!

2018-2019: Thank you!

It’s getting close to the end of the school year!

We have spent a wonderful year teaching dance in schools across the country and we have met wonderful students, teachers, administrators as well as parents and families.  We thank you for your warm welcome and making us feel as a part of your school’s community.

Check out the souvenir video we have put together… can you find a picture that was taken at your school?

We wish you a wonderful summer!

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Using Dance To Create a Sense of Belonging

Using Dance To Create a Sense of Belonging

Tradansa offers dance programs for schools that focus on engaging students in learning about Canadian and international cultures through folk dancing. Experiences in each school are unique and bring a common sense of pride for students as they work toward a goal. Everyone involved in a Tradansa program experiences the benefits and satisfaction of dancing, working as a team, and succeeding together.

A Principal of an Ontario school shared: [when Tradansa offers their dance program], “magic happens”! It’s as if our dance instructors have a magic wand and, thanks to the unique teaching methodologies here at Tradansa, they cast a spell as they teach. This charm brings students, teachers, and the entire school community together. Tradansa magic spreads to classrooms, hallways, school buses, and even all the way home! Growth can be seen as students sing, move, dance, and openly share their knowledge.

This “magic” is a mystery that our Tradansa specialists want to better understand and demystify!  The starting point for our research has been traditional dancing. This style of dance has always been a means of bringing people together; a social activity to gather friends, family, neighbors and to meet new people. Folk dance, as a cultural community activity, is a great way to unite people and create a sense of inclusion! Folk dance is also constantly evolving, so students have the ability to cultivate the richness of different cultures through this living art form.

Studies now show that people who dance together have profound psychological effects which make people feel good, feel a sense of belonging, and, in general, feel closer to their dancing peers. These positive results are even further enhanced when people dance in synchronicity! Furthermore, the social skills involved in performing a group choreography add to the multitude of positive benefits for individuals practicing dance.

Dance has the ability to bring students together in an environment where everyone is included. In our workshops, the success of the group is dependent on every participant’s contribution. Tradansa specialists engage participants, and in turn, students feel that everyone’s contribution is part of the group’s achievement. A Tradansa experience is a memorable one that students recall for days, weeks, even years after the dance program has ended. Students take with them the social benefits of working and learning together, bonding experiences with their peers, and of course the fun moves.

Would fostering a stronger sense of belonging for the students in your class, school, and community with Tradansa be of interest to you?

Let the “magic” operate in your class and school!

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Thank You Teachers!

Thank You Teachers!

We have the opportunity of working with hundreds of teachers every year and from our unique vantage point, traveling from school to school every week offering our dance programs, this we share:

We have a lot, we mean A LOT, of very dedicated teachers in our Canadian schools and not many people get the opportunity to witness all they do in their day’s work.

Not only are these teachers educating our children about various curriculum subjects; they also help build character, develop self-esteem, promote acceptance and understanding of differences, facilitate cooperation, responsibility and respect. And we all know the world always needs more responsible, socially conscious and respectful citizens.

Teachers create learning environments where students develop curiosity, the desire and the love to learn. Teachers are great at providing just the right amount of difficulty and challenge at the same time as ensuring that the classroom is a safe place where they can grow through trying, exploring, failing and succeeding.

If you were to follow teachers around during their day, you would have to get your sneakers on! They spend a good portion of the day on their feet, on hard tile floors. They run from one end of the school to the other several times a day, ensuring all gets done and all their students are accounted for.

You don’t often see teachers “on a break”. At recesses and lunch or during their prep time, you can find teachers resolving issues, discussing with other staff members how to better help particular students, preparing their teaching materials, communicating with a parent, marking papers, preparing report card comments, and coaching sport practices and events. They are almost always running to and from somewhere and throughout all of this, they remain calm and truly professional. And, if they take a moment to actually sit down, they are often thinking about what they need to get done before the next bell rings. It is a known fact that teachers barely take the time to go to the washroom!

Teachers are a resourceful bunch constantly adapting and maneuvering through the various moving parts. Sometimes their students are sick and absent, or aren’t feeling well, or are going through troubles with their friends or something difficult at home, or would rather play than do their school work, or simply ate sugar and are just too excited, and the list goes on and on…. But most of the time in a classroom, a day comprises of any variation of the above scenarios; teachers are just good at rolling with it!

And there can be so many different class dynamics, even within a same school. Sometimes, teachers have dream classes where they can easily and fluidly navigate the ship of instruction. At other times, they find themselves with a more challenging group of students where their available patience, perseverance, energy and understanding are sometimes drained. We must not forget that there are always children who need more support than what is currently available and possible. Regardless of the teaching context they find themselves in, teachers are simply expected to make it work, sometimes in some pretty magical and spectacular ways.

So here’s to you, fellow school teachers, for all the work that you do! You deserve so much more recognition for educating our children. We take this opportunity to thank you. It is an honor to be working with so many of you and we look forward to collaborating with you and bringing dance, music, movement, culture and fun to your students!

Thank You!

Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the staff in all the schools where we offered a dance program this past year.

It is always a pleasure for us to work with you and see the smiles on your students’ faces. It always touches us to witness the curiosity your students have about dance as a form of expression and seeing them perform with such pride and enjoyment! And thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for dance, culture and education with you and your students.

We are very grateful for your efforts to make us feel welcomed within your school community. As you can see in the picture above, your signs and tokens of appreciation follow us daily!

We truly experienced enjoyable moments, this year, with staff and students. We hope to see you again next year!

From the entire Tradansa team, thank you!

Anita, Juliette, Éliane and Ève