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It is our pleasure to offer you activities that you will be able to do in class with your students to support the dance program we are offering at your school. Use them and have fun!


As a reminder…

Any teacher who uses these activities has the right to reproduce these activities for the classes in which he or she teaches.

Under no other circumstances can these activities may be distributed, sold or replicated to any other person, other teachers of the same school or other schools of the School Board for their respective classes. Any violation of these terms and conditions is a violation of the copyright law.


Introduction to Folk Dancing

To demonstrate with images what is folk dancing, we suggest the following video. Our Monsieur Bono spent the day at the Heritage Festival in Edmonton. Watch the video with your students to show them folk dances from different countries.

Junior and Senior Kindergarten
Primary Division
Junior Division

Obtenez votre passeport Tradansa en 4 étapes simples pour faire vos propres et se rappeler les bons moments que nous avons dansé et partagé ensemble!

Étapes à suivre :

  1. Télécharger la page couverture.
  2. Imprimer le document .pdf sur une feuille bleue de papier.
  3. Plier la page (Voir photos ci-dessus).
  4. Comprennent l’insert vous avez reçu à l’école de Tradansa à remplir votre passeport.

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