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Workshop Description

Tradansa workshops inspires school children, teens and their teachers to learn about cultural diversity and similarities through fun, dance and movement. These dance programs are extremely popular with the French Immersion, Core French and Francophone Schools!

  • The choreographies and pedagogical content of the workshops are customized according to the developmental needs of the age groups and the curriculum.
  • The programs integrate different cultural facets, including language, music, history, geography, etc., and at the same time as offer fun and stimulating physical activity.
  • Students of all ages are encouraged to creatively express themselves and discover new forms of expression.
  • The workshops are offered in French and/or English to accommodate the specific needs of your school.
  • Foundational life skills of cooperation, respect and teamwork are cultivated.
  • Highly qualified and passionate dance specialists teach all dance program.



Dance Programs

French Canadian Dance

Discover French Canadian dance and our culture’s artistic traditions! This workshop inspires the participants to develop an appreciation and skill for both the dance and for the francophone language in its rich cultural context.


International Dance

Students and teachers will appreciate the richness of cultures by learning dances from different countries! Travel around the world (without packing a suitcase) and appreciate the differences and similarities between dances and artistic practices of various cultures! Participants will explore fascinating facts associated with the dances, music and cultural background. This workshop is ideal for multicultural settings to celebrate cultural diversity!


Holidays Around the World

Students and teachers will have the opportunity to learn and explore different Holiday traditions celebrated in different countries.

A great way to celebrate cultural diversity with your school community during the workshops and during the final dance performance.

Make things easy for the teaching staff during Holidays and let the team at Tradansa organize your show. This program is only available in November and December. Space is limited.


Workshop Logistics

Each class or group (an average of 35-45 students) receives three workshops of 40-50 minutes each and will learn three to five dances. Usually, each class/group will prepare two of these dances for the performance which will be held on the last day of your school’s dance program.

The performance is a great way for students to showcase their new dance skills to their parents and the school community while meeting part of the curriculum requirements! It is a magical moment which is greatly appreciated from the schools we’re working with.


Curriculum Links

  • Physical Education
  • French
  • Social Studies
  • Music

A complete document will be provided which describes the various curriculum links to help you prepare your grant proposal.


Information and Pricing

L’organisation des ateliers s’établit en fonction du nombre d’élèves et du nombre de classes impliquées.

Pour connaître les coûts et pour recevoir plus de renseignements, veuillez compléter ce formulaire suivant: CLICK HERE

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Additional Information :

Artists and Education (Alberta Foundation for the Arts): please visit their website


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