To set up the schedule for dance workshops at your school, please follow the following steps.
** Make sure you have on hand, the sample schedule that we have sent you.

Step 1:

Organize the classes into groups, as suggested in the sample schedule sent to you.
  • organize the classes into groups of two classes each of the same or similar age. For example: a Grade 1 class with a Grade 2 class.
  • put classes together according to the same language of instruction. For example: a Grade 3 EFI with a Grade 4 EFI.
  • combine classes that work well together.

Step 2:

Decide when each group will receive their three workshops, at the same time as respecting the schedules of your school.
  • each class participates with the teacher who is responsible for the dance unit and who will be evaluating them.
  • the three workshops are well distributed during our time at your school. For example: if we are at your school for a total of 5 consecutive days, plan the workshops on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Step 3:

Include the following information for each group:
  • the level of each class and group
  • the number of students in each group
  • the name(s) of the teacher(s)
  • the emails of the teachers
  • the language of instruction for each group

Step 4:

Send us your schedule

Send us the schedule so we can do one final check. After, we’ll send the schedule to the dance specialist who will be offering the dance program at your school so that she can do her planning. Email to:

** Please send us your schedule at least 2 weeks before the start of the dance program at your school.

Thanks in advance!

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