Tradansa offers dance programs for schools that focus on engaging students in learning about Canadian and international cultures through folk dancing. Experiences in each school are unique and bring a common sense of pride for students as they work toward a goal. Everyone involved in a Tradansa program experiences the benefits and satisfaction of dancing, working as a team, and succeeding together.

A Principal of an Ontario school shared: [when Tradansa offers their dance program], “magic happens”! It’s as if our dance instructors have a magic wand and, thanks to the unique teaching methodologies here at Tradansa, they cast a spell as they teach. This charm brings students, teachers, and the entire school community together. Tradansa magic spreads to classrooms, hallways, school buses, and even all the way home! Growth can be seen as students sing, move, dance, and openly share their knowledge.

This “magic” is a mystery that our Tradansa specialists want to better understand and demystify!  The starting point for our research has been traditional dancing. This style of dance has always been a means of bringing people together; a social activity to gather friends, family, neighbors and to meet new people. Folk dance, as a cultural community activity, is a great way to unite people and create a sense of inclusion! Folk dance is also constantly evolving, so students have the ability to cultivate the richness of different cultures through this living art form.

Studies now show that people who dance together have profound psychological effects which make people feel good, feel a sense of belonging, and, in general, feel closer to their dancing peers. These positive results are even further enhanced when people dance in synchronicity! Furthermore, the social skills involved in performing a group choreography add to the multitude of positive benefits for individuals practicing dance.

Dance has the ability to bring students together in an environment where everyone is included. In our workshops, the success of the group is dependent on every participant’s contribution. Tradansa specialists engage participants, and in turn, students feel that everyone’s contribution is part of the group’s achievement. A Tradansa experience is a memorable one that students recall for days, weeks, even years after the dance program has ended. Students take with them the social benefits of working and learning together, bonding experiences with their peers, and of course the fun moves.

Would fostering a stronger sense of belonging for the students in your class, school, and community with Tradansa be of interest to you?

Let the “magic” operate in your class and school!

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